Non-realistic, also referred to as non-phalic dildos, are for those who want something different. Non-phallic dildos come in unique colors and interesting shapes but still do what all dildos do, give you amazing time, every time! Feel free to get a little naughty with some fun new toys that are sure to give you many nights of ultimate pleasure.
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Fun Factory Limba Flex M Bendable Dildo - Deep Sea

FAAK Horse Long Dildo - White/Blue

Mythology Duman Mystic Dildo S - Black

FAAK Wolfdog Dildo - Red/Black

FAAK Corn Shape Dildo - Black

FAAK Horse Long Dildo - Red/Black

FAAK Spiral Anal Dildo w Handle - Black

FAAK Armor Piercing Dildo - Rosy

FAAK Wolfdog Dildo - White/Blue

Icicles Dildo Massager No.60 - Clear

FAAK Hawk Werwolf Squirting Dildo - Gory

FAAK Demon Wolf Moufy Dildo - Pure Desire

FAAK Horse Dildo - Red/Black

FAAK Spiral Anal Plug w Handle - Black

FAAK Unicorn Dildo - Pink

Sportsheets Please Silicone Dildo - Purple

Chisa Bend Over Dildo M - Pink

Adrien Lastic 7'' Silicone Dildo - Purple

FAAK Corn Shape Dildo - Purple

Chisa Raw Recruit Dildo M - Pink

FAAK Firewolf Ratch Dildo - Pure Desire

Prisms Erotic Glass Lingam Flogger Dildo - Clear

FAAK Horse Long Dildo - Green/Black

FAAK Mythical Beast KuiNeo Plug - Black/White

FAAK Alien Curved Dildo - Black/White

FAAK Thick Glans Dildo - Hellfire

Gildo Glass Dildo No.10 - Clear

FAAK Red Pupil Spirit Snake Poll Dildo - Pure Desire

Mythology Dion Galactic Dildo S - Purple

Prisms Erotic Glass Soma Twisted Dildo - Clear/Blue

Prisms Erotic Glass Hamsa G-Spot Wand - Smoky Jade

Glas 8" Slimline G-Spot Glass Dildo

Chisa Rumpy Pumpy Dildo - Purple

FAAK Curve Anal Dildo - White/Blue