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Treat yourself with our selection of large masturbators for men that comes in a large variety of shapes, materials and sizes. These large size male masturbators offer premium satisfaction for experienced enthusiasts, as well as beginners.
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Kokos Juliana - Real Butt Masturbator

Kokos Victoria - Real Doll

Magic Eyes Lolinco Virgin L Masturbator

Kokos Oknyeo - Real Butt Masturbator

Kokos Valentina - Real Doll

ToysHeart R-20 Puni Masturbator

Kokos Juilana Bust - Masturbator

Kokos Samanda - Big Hip Masturbator

Kokos Aurora - Mini Real Doll

Magic Eyes Anatomy of Girls 2.5kg

Chisa Taco Body Stroker Masturbator

Chisa Man'Q Fill Her Up!

KMP BIG Glamourous Gokujo Nyoki Nanase's Butt

Kokos Jasmine - Mini Real Doll

Magic Eyes Extreme Shirt 660g Masturbator

Kokos Alice - Real Butt Masturbator

ToysHeart 1.2kg Loli Kupa Masturbator

Magic Eyes Cocolo Suziman Kupa Masturbator 2.5kg

Magic Eyes Gu-cho Wet Meiki Very Kiwami 01 Masturbators 7kg

A-One Onaho of Tiger Vol.02 - Erotic Breast Masturabtor

Magic Eyes Kabeshiri 1.2kg Masturbator

Kokos Hera Butt - Big Hip Masturbator

Kokos Sara - Mini Doll w/Vibrator

Kokos Hera 1 - Real Doll

Kokos Hera 3 - Real Doll

A-One Otome Hime Perfect

KMP Kanzen Meiki 01 Shelly Fujii Masturbator- Double

NPG Meiki Wanted Wife Masturbator

ToysHeart 17 Bumpy Inner II Masturbator