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Nothing is more essential in the bedroom than love mask. You can make your lover guessing all night. See our collection of high-quality fetish love masks made of lace, leather or silk and get yourself great love night with no peeking! Add anonymity to your BDSM fun and bondage play.
CEN Nick Hawk Gigolo Tie Me Up & Tease Me Kit
S&M Peek-A-Boo Love Mask - Leopard
S&M Open Mouth Sretch Hood Mask
S&M Peek-A-Boo Love Mask - Black
Obsessive A703 mask
Sportsheets Edge Leather Blindfold - Black
SM Art Joint 002 Eye Mask - Red
Prime SM Eye Mask - Leopard
Sportsheets Soft Blindfold - Black
SM Art Joint 002 Eye Mask - Black
Prime SM Eye Mask - Pink Leopard
Aphrodisia Eye Mask - Pink
Fetish Fantasy Passion Kit - Purple
S&M Puppy Play Gimp Mask
S&M Devil Horns Patent Leather Mask
GreyGasms La Boheme Satin Mask - Black
Fetish Fantasy Tease-N-Please Kit - Black
Fetish Fantasy Bedroom Lovers Kit - Purple
Fetish Fantasy Bondage Teaser Kit - Black
Fetish Fantasy Lovers Bondage Kit - Red