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Nothing is more essential in the bedroom than love mask. You can make your lover guessing all night. See our collection of high-quality fetish love masks made of lace, leather or silk and get yourself great love night with no peeking! Add anonymity to your BDSM fun and bondage play.
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S&M Peek-A-Boo Love Mask - Black

S&M Open Mouth Sretch Hood Mask

Obsessive A700 mask

Leg Avenue Lace Restraints Set 4 pcs - Black

TRC The G-Spot Rabbit Playtime Gift Set For Couples

Fetish Fantasy Passion Kit - Purple

Bodywand Midnight Gift Set

S&M Peek-A-Boo Love Mask - Leopard

Sportsheets Soft Blindfold - Black

SM Art Joint 002 Eye Mask - Red

Master Series Blow Hole Open Mouth Spandex Hood

Prime SM Eye Mask - Pink Leopard

Sportsheets Midnight Lace Blindfold - Black

GreyGasms Luxoria Masquerade Mask with Stones - Black

Strict Bondage Hood with Penis Gag - Black

Rianne S Soiree - Mask V Zouzou - Black

SM Art Joint 002 Eye Mask - Black

Bodywand Holiday Bed Spreader Set

S&M Devil Horns Patent Leather Mask

Sportsheets Edge Leather Blindfold - Black

GreyGasms The Enchanted Black Lace Mask - Black

GreyGasms Onyx Leather Masquerade Mask - Black

Master Series Musk Athletic Cup Muzzle with Removable Straps - White

Fetish Fantasy Lovers Bondage Kit - Red

Fifty Shades of Grey Bed Restraints Kit