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Entry through the backdoor can be very inconvenient. Thanks to sprays & serum, you can now make a grand entrance without causing discomfort to your partner. They bring about a cool feeling in the anal region that makes penetration easier without loss of sensation. Perhaps, you can now make the backdoor your main door.
Check out these popular spray & serum brands: Joy DivisionPjurHotEros
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Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Prolong Spray - 20ml

Pjur Superhero Prolong Spray - 20ml

Pjur Superhero Concentrated Delay Serum - 20ml

Pjur Med Prolong Spray - 20ml

Shiatsu Anal Relax Spray Beginners - 50ml

Shiatsu Delay Spray - 15ml

Joy Division easyANAL Relax-Spray - 30ml

Mister B RELAX Spray - 25ml

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Body Mist Perfume - 130ml

Bijoux Indiscrets L'essence De Boudoir Bed & Lingerie Perfume - 130ml

INTT Deep Throat Spray Mint - 12ml

Bijoux Indiscrets Bubblegum Body Mist Perfume - 100ml

Chatler Lady Gold Woman Perfume - 30ml