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Discover our cup masturbator collection for men. Feel the real things with the fleshy touch feeling of cup masturbators.These masturbators for men comes with a different and unique textured sleeve interiors for a wide variety of pleasurable sensations!
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Tenga Spinner 03 Shell Masturbator - Green

Tenga Deep Throat Cup - Red

Genmu Pixy Touch Ver 3.0 - Green

Genmu Pinky Touch Ver 3.0 - Orange

Genmu Missy Touch Ver 3.0 - Violet

Genmu Cozy Touch Ver 3.0 - Pink

Genmu Oral Air

Genmu Fleshy Touch Ver 3.0 - Blue

Tenga Double Hole Cup

Tenga Premium Vacuum Hard Cup - Black

Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup VC Regular

Tenga Deep Throat Cup Hard - Black

Tenga SD Hard Deep Throat Mini Cup - Black

Tenga Premium Vacuum Cup - Blue

Tenga Rolling Head Cup - Red

Genmu Jr. Pixy Type - Green

Tenga SD Deep Throat Mini Cup - Red

Tenga Soft Tube Masturbator - White

Tenga Soft Tube Masturbator - Black

Tenga Soft Tube Masturbator - Red

Genmu Missy Touch Cup - Violet

Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Ultra

Tenga Rolling Head Cup - Black

Tenga Air Cushion Cup - Red

Genmu G-Square Capsule Masturbator - Green

Tenga Air-Tech Twist Custom Strength CUP Ripple

Tenga Rolling Gyro Cup Hard - Black

Tenga Air Cushion Cup Soft - White

Tenga US Deep Throat Cup

Tenga Rolling Head Cup - White

Genmu Spiral Touch Cup - Gray

Genmu Pinky Touch Cup - Orange

Genmu G-Screw Capsule Masturbator - Orange

Tenga Premium Vacuum Soft Cup - White