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Optimizing your protection shouldn’t rob you of the pleasurable sensation that comes with an intimate experience. Classic latex condoms strike a balance by being thin enough to preserve comfort and sensitivity. A lot of them come lubricated, which creates additional smoothness for gliding in and out of your partner. Time to savor the intimate connection between you and your partner, knowing that you are fully protected.
Check out these popular classic latex condom brands: DurexPlayBoySagamiJEXOne Condoms
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Durex Extra Safe 3's

Durex Regular 3's

Durex Extra Safe Condoms 12's Pack

Durex Classic Natural Condoms 12's Pack

Personage Smooth and Silken Soft

Okamoto Smart Boy 31/49mm 12's

Japan Medical Condomania Mini-Store 6's

Durex Extra Safe Condoms 20's Pack

Durex Emoji Feel Safe Condoms 6's Pack

PlayBoy Lubricated Classic 12's Pack

Durex Feels 3's

Glyde Vegan Condom Ultra 10's Pack

PlayBoy Lubricated Classic 3's Pack

Glyde Vegan Condom Maxi 10's Pack

Trojan ENZ Premium 12's Pack

Trojan ENZ Regular 3's Pack

Durex London Condoms Extra 1 pc

PlayBoy G Vibrations 3's Pack

PlayBoy G Vibrations 12's Pack

Durex B Close Easy On 4's Pack

myONE Perfect Fit Beast Rhino 12's Pack

myONE Perfect Fit Beast Tiger 12's Pack

myONE Perfect Fit Beast Scorpion 12's Pack

Trojan ENZ Lubricated 3's Pack

Trojan ENZ Armor Spermicidal 3's Pack