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Radbert Chan:

Friendly and competent Customer Service. I decided to change the product after my order payment and they did it fast and efficiently.
Wide product range of different brands from all over the globe is also quite impressive, had a feeling like I am in real supermarket. Park&Shop for adults:)
I will definitely shop again, they bring regularly new products and brands and have in total around 8,000 models almost for any case.



價錢合理! 服務態度好好,快速能回答問題。

Carol Leung:

Really nice shops with friendly staffs and a lot of toys and brands. I've never been in sex toy supermarket before. Great that I can test and choose any toy in one shop from virtual reality to more basic stuffs. 

Nadia Smith:

Everything was totally discreet. Appreciate it so much, I definitely don't want my colleagues are aware of my order. The toys were packed in ordinary SF Express package, the invoice under the name of normal limited company without any associations with something sexual had only total amount and no product names or descriptions.
Frankly, I was worried about any information leaking or inappropriate package or invoice, but everything was carefully thought-out and absolutely private. 


Cindi Lounsbury:

Since this was my first time shopping for something like this it was not easy entering the shop but to my surprise, an employee noticed I was overwhelmed so she approached me and asked if there is any way she can help me with. What a relief it was! I explained what I am interested in and she helped me with my choice. Happy times! I will definitely come back for more! Link