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By means of vibrating dildos, you can stimulate yourself or your lover internally to add further pleasure. And all that with vibration! It is an excellent accessory for enjoying sex solo or with a partner. Browse different types of vibrating dildos, there are so many choices and various shapes for you to choose.
Chisa Adjustability Pitch Dildo 7" - Flesh
Chisa James Deen 8.5 Inch Vibrating Dildo - Brown
Chisa Lover's Super Strap-on w/ Dildo
Chisa Adjustability Pitch Dildo 7.5" - Flesh
Chisa JEFF STRYKER 8.9" Vibrating Dildo - Flesh
Chisa 8.1” Vibe Cock - Flesh
Chisa Mambo Vibe Dildo 9" - Flesh
Chisa 6 Inch Vibrating Dildo - Flesh
Chisa Devilish X3 Vibrating Dildo - Red
Fun Factory Share Vibe - Nude
Chisa Vibrating Hard On-Natural 9" Dildo
Chisa 7.6” Vibe Cock - Brown
Chisa 7.8” Vibe Cock -Brown
Fun Factory Mr. Boss - Black
Chisa Devilish X1 Vibrating Dildo - Red
Chisa 8.8” Vibe Cock - Flesh
Chisa 7.5" Vibrating Cock No.02
Aphrodisia 7 Mode Ripple Dildo Vibe 8" - Black
Chisa James Deen 8.5 Inch Vibrating Dildo - Flesh
Fun Factory Share Vibe - Pink
Aphrodisia 10 Mode Vibrating Super Whopper Dildo 9" - Flesh
Aphrodisia 10 Mode Vibrating Big Glans Dildo 7" - Brown
Fun Factory Share Vibe - Dark Violet
Aphrodisia Vibrating Dildo with Balls 6.2" - Flesh
Aphrodisia 7 Mode Ripple Dildo Vibe 6.7" - Black
Chisa 9.9 Inch Vibrating Dildo - Flesh
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