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If spanking just doesn’t cut it for you anymore it is time to shop for whips and paddles! Whip your partner with the top collection of whips, spanking paddles, and ticklers. Add a tickler, paddle or whip for a whole new sensation!
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Obsessive Gretia Studded Crop - Black

S&M Shadow Rope Flogger - Black

Sportsheets Ring Slayer - Black

Sportsheets Pleasure Feather - Black

PicoBong Take No Evil Whip - Cerise

Obsessive A713 Crop - Beige

Bijoux Indiscrets Lilly Whip - Black

Sportsheets Snake Bite - Black

Aphrodisia Passionate Paddle - Black

Sportsheets Edge Hard Limits Crop 65,4cm - Black

Obsessive A707 Tickler - Black

SM Art Joint 009 Whip - Black

Aphrodisia Passionate Paddle - Red

PicoBong Fear No Evil Teaser - Blue

Sportsheets Edge Dragon Kiss Whip - Black

Sportsheets Pleasure Feather - Rose

Sportsheets Edge Tawse Whip - Black

Sportsheets Starburst Tickler - Black

Sportsheets Large Rubber Whip - Black

Sportsheets Diamond Crystal Crop - Black

Sportsheets Leather Impression Paddle Slut

Zorbo Poly Cricket Paddle 15″

Obsessive A706 Flower Crop - Red

Sportsheets Midnight Jeweled Chain Tickler

Obsessive A711 Crop - Black

Sportsheets Edge Spike Flogger - Black

Obsessive A714 Crop - Black

A-One Spanking Racket - Black

SM Art Joint 009 Whip - Red

S&M Faux Leather Flogger -Black