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If spanking just doesn’t cut it for you anymore it is time to shop for whips and paddles! Whip your partner with the top collection of whips, spanking paddles, and ticklers. Add a tickler, paddle or whip for a whole new sensation!
Lovehoney 24 Days Of Pleasure Gift Set
Zorbo Mini Faux Fur Flogger Polished Leather 18"
Zorbo Poly Cricket Paddle 15"
FOH Bedspreader Set
Zorbo Four Tail Silicone Flogger 28"
Zorbo Calf Softy Leather Fountain Flogger
FOH Couples Set
TRC The Beaded Rabbit Bondage Gift Set For Couples
Toynary MT10 Nearly Pain Whip
NPG Leather Whip(Large) - Black
CEN Nick Hawk Gigolo Tie Me Up & Tease Me Kit
Aphrodisia Passionate Paddle - Black
Sportsheets Medium Black Rubber Flogger
SM Art Joint 009 Whip - Red
Aphrodisia Passionate Paddle - Red
PicoBong Take No Evil Whip - Cerise
Frisky Short Suede Flogger - Red
Obsessive A707 Tickler
PicoBong Fear No Evil Teaser - Blue
SM Art Joint 009 Whip - Black
Frisky Imprint Spanking Paddle- Bitch
Frisky Short Suede Flogger Black
Frisky Handle Me Silicone Hand Paddle
Aphrodisia Passionate Paddle - Pink
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