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Those that are open to kinky sizzling romance know that spanking is best when they are done with floggers. These flexible rubber whips deliver a dual feeling of pain and pleasure which can get your partner into the mood for the evening. They come in different shapes and design and it's up to you to decide what tickles your fancy.
Check out our popular flogger brands: Master SeriesS&M EssentialsSportsheetsPrisms Erotic GlassStrict
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Liebe Seele Vivid Sakura Bondage Set 8 pcs - Pink

Liebe Seele Vivid Sky Bondage Set 8 pcs - Blue

Liebe Seele Vivid Rainbow Bondage Set 8 pcs - Purple

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Teaser Kit - Black

Liebe Seele Macaron 9pcs Bondage Kit - Mint

Easytoys Flogger Whip - Black

Liebe Seele Black Bond Flogger

Lovetoy Deluxe Bondage Kit - Black

Strict Bed Restraint Bondage Kit - Black

Frisky Passion Fetish Kit - Black/Red

Fetish Fantasy Beaded Cat O' Nine Tails - Black

Frisky Punish Me Silicone Flogger - Black

Master Series Hook Up Plush Bondage Set - Black

Icicles Glass Whip No.38 - Black

Roomfun Suede Vibro Flogger Whip - Black

Easytoys Silicone Tickler - Black

Liebe Seele Macaron 9pcs Bondage Kit - Melon

Easytoys Flogger Dildo - Black

Anonymo Flogger 45cm - Black

Anonymo Flogger 64cm - Black

Anonymo Flogger 64cm - Pink

Coquette Chic Desire Flogger - Black

Sportsheets Large 22″ Black Rubber Flogger

Zado Leather Whip - Black

Frisky Punish Me Silicone Flogger - Black

Experience BDSM Fetish Kit - Red

Liebe Seele The Animal Kit - Black

Sex&Mischief Enchanted Flogger - Red

Sex&Mischief Rope Flogger - Red

Sex&Mischief Mini Flogger - Black