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These eggs might look the same from the outside, but what’s important are the sensations beneath them. Specially made to cater all of your wildest fantasy, you might want to get more than one of these eggs! Detailed structure, silky smooth sensations, various strokers and brushes.
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Tenga Egg Misty

Tenga Egg Sphere

Tenga Egg Tornado

SVAKOM Hedy X Speed - Translucid

Tenga Egg Silky II

SVAKOM Hedy X 5 Mixed Textures Set

Tenga Egg Crater

Tenga Egg Tube

Tenga Egg Wind

Tenga Egg Curl

Tenga Egg Thunder

Tenga Egg Wavy II

SVAKOM Hedy X Reaction - Translucid

Tenga Egg Cloudy

Tenga Egg Stud

Tenga Egg Ring

Tenga Egg Shiny

Tenga Egg Brush

SVAKOM Hedy X Confidence - Translucid

SVAKOM Hedy X Experience - Translucid

SVAKOM Hedy X Control - Translucid

Tenga Egg Mesh

SVAKOM Hedy - Pale Pink

Tenga Egg Boxy

Tenga Egg Wavy 2 Cool Edition

Lovetoy Giant Egg Stamina Nodules Edition - Red

Men's Max Capsule Attack Masturbator

Tenga Egg Dance Keith Haring

Men's Max Capsule Party Masturbator

FPPR Fap One-Time Ribbed Masturbator

Tenga Egg Street Keith Haring

Lovetoy Giant Egg Grind Ripples Edition - Purple

Jamyjob Egg Masturbator Black Version - Red

Tenga Egg Snow Crystal

Jamyjob Egg Masturbator White Version - Red