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Ain’t no prisoner, just a BDSM fan. Are you a slave? Or are you the master? Either way, these sex slave cuffs for BDSM & bondage is the perfect match made in heaven for you. Undeniably sexy to bring variable position into your game. These bondage, discipline, dominance, sadism, masochism kit are available in leather, fluff, PVC. Available not only for wrists, but also the ankle.
Check out these popular cuffs brands: Fetish Fantasy, Fifty Shades, KMProduce, Leg Avenue, Bijoux Indiscrets.
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Lovetoy Fetish Pleasure Metal Handcuffs

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

S&M Bondage Buddy

Frisky Fur Lined Handcuffs - Black

S&M Lace Cuffs And Mask Set

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Purple

S&M Sexy Suction Cuffs

S&M Love Cuffs

Frisky Rope Extremity Strap - Black

MT Slave Training Bondage Set - Black

Bodywand Midnight Gift Set

A-One Sliver Hand Cuff

Frisky Heartache 5 Piece Bondage Set - Black

Frisky Fur Lined Handcuffs - Pink

MT Leather Bondage Set w Bag - Black

Fifty Shades of Grey Metal Handcuffs

S&M Closet Cuffs

A-One Leg Cuffs

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Furry Cuffs - Black

Sexperiments Bound and Determined Kit - Black

Fetish Fantasy Official Handcuffs - Silver

S&M Lace Cuffs/Mask And Flogger Set

Sportsheets Edge Leather Arm Restraints - Black

Sportsheets Midnight Lace Cuffs - Black

ToyJoy Furry Fun Cuffs - Black

MT Cuffs w Fluff & Chain - Black

S&M Furry Love Cuffs & Eyemask Set - Black