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Ain’t no prisoner, just a BDSM fan. Are you a slave? Or are you the master? Either way, these sex slave cuffs for BDSM & bondage is the perfect match made in heaven for you. Undeniably sexy to bring variable position into your game. These bondage, discipline, dominance, sadism, masochism kit are available in leather, fluff, PVC. Available not only for wrists, but also the ankle.
Check out these popular cuffs brands: Fetish Fantasy, Fifty Shades, KMProduce, Leg Avenue, Bijoux Indiscrets.
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MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

Toynary MT01 Hand Cuffs

Liebe Seele Bound You Bondage Set 12pcs - Black

Liebe Seele Vivid Sakura Bondage Set 8 pcs - Pink

Lovetoy Fetish Pleasure Metal Handcuffs

Liebe Seele Vivid Sky Bondage Set 8 pcs - Blue

MT Plain Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Pink

Liebe Seele Vivid Rainbow Bondage Set 8 pcs - Purple

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Red

Toynary MT03 Thigh Cuffs

ToyJoy Furry Fun Cuffs - Black

Chisa Guarder Silicone Cuffs - Black

Toynary MT08 Surround Cuffs

Rends Fluffy SM Multi Cuffs

Sportsheets Beginner's Bondage Fantasy Kit - Black

Sportsheets Soft Cuffs - Black

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Teaser Kit - Black

Easytoys Cuff Restraint Set - Black

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Purple

Fetish Fantasy Official Handcuffs - Silver

MT Slave Training Bondage Set - Black

ToyJoy Stretchy Fun Cuffs - Black

Fetish Fantasy Beginners Cuffs - Black

Liebe Seele Macaron 9pcs Bondage Kit - Mint

Chisa Temptation Bondage Kit - Black

Coquette Lace Bondage Set Deluxe - Black

Fetish Submissive Dark Room Handcuffs - Red

Lovetoy Fetish Pleasure Metal Leg Cuffs

ToyJoy Furry Fun Cuffs - Pink