<b>Lovense</b> sex toys are the culmination of five years of research, development and many long hours. How did this journey begin? Well, in 2009, the founder of the company was in a long distance relationship. Lack of sexual intimacy was a serious problem in the relationship and sparked an interest in teledildonics. <br> You can find products of <b>Lovense</b> in the following categories: <b><a href="https://taketoys.hk/catalog/smart_toys/"> Smart Toys</a></b>, <b><a href="https://taketoys.hk/catalog/vibro_eggs/"> Vibro Eggs</a></b>, <b><a href="https://taketoys.hk/catalog/anal-vibes/"> Anal Vibes</a></b>, <b><a href="https://taketoys.hk/catalog/vibro-masturbators/"> Vibro Masturbators</a></b>, <b><a href="https://taketoys.hk/catalog/vibes_with_app_control/"> Vibes with App-Control</a><br></b><br> Pair your toy with <a href="https://youtu.be/LJyd0KCspEQ" target="_blank">Lovense Media Player</a> and watch your favorite videos
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Lovense Lush 2 - Egg Vibrator - App Controlled

Lovense Lush 3 - Egg Vibrator - App Controlled

Lovense Lush - Egg Vibrator - App Controlled

Lovense Nora - Rabbit Vibrator - App Controlled

Lovense Edge - Prostate Massager - App Controlled

Lovense Hush - Small Butt Plug - App Controlled

Lovense Max 2 - Electronic Masturbator

Lovense Domi 2 - Wand Massager - App Controlled

Lovense Edge 2 - Adjustable Prostate Massager

Lovense Hush - Large Butt Plug - App Controlled

Lovense Diamo Vibrating Cock Ring - Black

Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter

Lovense Ambi - Bullet Vibrator - App Controlled

Lovense Osci - G-Spot Vibrator - App Controlled

Lovense Domi - Male Attachment

Lovense Osci 2 G-Spot Vibrator