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True love is really about having each other’s back. When it comes to sex, men usually ejaculate faster than women. Therefore, the longer you last, the higher the chances that you will be able to guide her to her own climax. Prolonging sprays have the tendency of slowing down your ejaculation time as well as boosting stamina. A combination of these allows you to be the partner that doesn’t come off as selfish!
Check out our popular prolonging brands: PjurHotShiatsuCobecoOrgie
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Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Prolong Spray - 20ml

Sagami Xtreme Feel Long 3's Pack

2H&2D Long & Hot Delay Spray - 10ml

Hot Men Delay Spray Long Time - 50ml

Pjur Med Prolong Spray - 20ml

Hot Men Delay Cream Long Time - 30ml

Sagami Xtreme Feel Long 1's Vending Pack

Pjur Superhero Prolong Spray - 20ml

Eros Extended Love Medical Lube Top Level 3 - 30ml

Hot Men Marathon Spray Long Power - 50ml

Pjur Superhero Concentrated Delay Serum - 20ml

Hot Men Premium Delay Spray Rhino Long Power - 50ml

Drywell Portable Delay Wipes 12's Pack

Hot Men Premium Delay Spray Rhino Long Power - 10ml

Drywell Physical Delay Spray - 30ml

Hot Men Premium Delay Cream Rhino Long Power - 30ml

Drywell Physical Delay Spray - 5ml

Hot Men Premium Delay Cream Rhino Long Power - 50ml

Hot Men Marathon Cream Long Power - 30ml

Shiatsu Delay Spray - 15ml

Boners Delay Cream - 100ml

Drywell Gold Formula Delay Spray - 15ml

Drywell Portable Pocket Atomization Delay Spray - 4ml

Concorde Retard 907 25ml

Drywell Replacement Bottle for Atomization Delay Spray - 4ml

Men's Max So Long Delay Spray - 15ml