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The smallest of changes can make the biggest difference to your sex life. Non-latex condoms are made of materials that feel like skin. They perfectly replicate the skin on skin, feeling you get with your partner. They are soft and durable and offer the same level of protection you will get with products made of latex. A trial will send you on an overdrive.
Check out these popular non-latex condom brands: SagamiTrojanOkamoto HKDurexSKYN
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LifeStyles SKYN Large Size - Box of 12

Sagami 001 3's Pack

Sagami Original 0.02 3's Pack

LifeStyles SKYN Selection - Box of 10

Sagami Original 0.02 1's Pack

LifeStyles SKYN Extra Studded - Box of 10

Trojan Supra Bareskin Polyurethane 3's Pack

Trojan Supra Non-latex Condom 6's Pack