ToysHeart has been a leading player as onahole brand in Japan for over 30 years and our market area is expanded rapidly in recent few years. Especially, China, Korea, Taiwan and surelly the USA.
You can find products of ToysHeart in the following categories: Hentai Masturbators, Rabbit Vibrators, Vibro Eggs, Hi-Tech Masturbators, Waterbased Lubes
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ToysHeart Lotion Natural - 300ml

ToysHeart Lotion Soft - 300ml

ToysHeart Lotion Hard - 300ml

ToysHeart G-19 Secret Uterus - Masturbator

Toysheart Onahole Maintenance Kit

ToysHeart Jinkoukakusei Masturbator

Toys Heart R-20 Third Generation Masturbator

Toysheart Onatsuyu Juicy Lotion - 370ml

ToysHeart R-20 Puni Masturbator

ToysHeart LOVELY×CATION2 - Seine Yoshinoya

ToysHeart 17 Bordeaux Soft Masturbator

Toysheart Ero Ane Hard Masturbator

ToysHeart R-20 Masturbator

Toysheart W Lovely Sister Mini Masturbator

ToysHeart Warning Against the Narrow Hole! Masturbator

Toysheart Moshinaka Masturbator

ToysHeart LOVELY×CATION2 - Hime Narukawa

ToysHeart Lusty Hot Spring 2 Masturbator

ToysHeart Anadi Anal Beaded Plug 17.5x2.3cm - Pink

Toysheart Ultra Pure Moshiyan Masturbator

Toysheart Gokkunn Houshi Masturbator

ToysHeart Pretty Girl Rabbit - White

ToysHeart Seven Teen Evo Soft Masturbator

ToysHeart Netorare! Cuckold Masturbator

ToysHeart Seventeen Alpha Masturbator

Toysheart Moshitai Masturbator

ToysHeart Inspration Big Vibro Bullet - Purple

Toysheart R-18 Masturbator

Toysheart Femme Fatale Sweet Masturbator

ToysHeart Measuring Girl's Growth - Masturbator

Toysheart Black Gal L-ONE Masturbator

Toysheart Atelier Onahole Masturbator

ToysHeart A Taciturn Girl Masturbator

ToysHeart Inspration Vibro Bullet - Black

Toysheart DOSUKEBE Masturbate Plan