With more than 20-years presence on the adult toys market, ToysHeart is a Japanese pioneering brand that blends innovation with fantasy. ToysHeart Hentai Masturbators offer a unique anime-inspired experience, while Rabbit Vibrators provide dual-action pleasure. For those seeking discreet yet powerful options, ToysHeart's Vibro Eggs are a go-to choice. Their Hi-Tech Masturbators incorporate cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled feel. With ToysHeart there is something for every taste.
You can buy ToysHeart online in the following categories: Hentai Masturbators, Rabbit Vibrators, Vibro Eggs, Hi-Tech Masturbators, Waterbased Lubes
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ToysHeart Lotion Natural - 300ml

ToysHeart R-20 Third Generation Masturbator

ToysHeart Lotion Soft - 300ml

ToysHeart Lotion Hard - 300ml

Toysheart W Lovely Sister Mini Masturbator

Toysheart Onahole Maintenance Kit

ToysHeart G-19 Secret Uterus - Masturbator

Toysheart Ero Ane Hard Masturbator

ToysHeart R-20 Puni Masturbator

ToysHeart Anadi Anal Beaded Plug 17.5x2.3cm - Pink

ToysHeart R-20 Masturbator

ToysHeart Warning Against the Narrow Hole! Masturbator

ToysHeart Pretty Girl Rabbit - White

ToysHeart Jinkoukakusei Masturbator

ToysHeart Do You Like Perfect Hip Girl?

Toysheart Moshinaka Masturbator

ToysHeart 17 Bordeaux Soft Masturbator

Toysheart R-18 Masturbator

ToysHeart Seventeen Alpha Masturbator

Toysheart Ultra Pure Moshiyan Masturbator

Toysheart Moshitai Masturbator

Toysheart Gokkunn Houshi Masturbator

ToysHeart Lusty Hot Spring 2 Masturbator

Toysheart Eternal Fella One Way Deep Throat Masturbator

ToysHeart Netorare! Cuckold Masturbator

ToysHeart Inspration Vibro Bullet - Black

ToysHeart Inspration Big Vibro Bullet - Purple

Toysheart Double Head Rotar - Black

ToysHeart Seven Teen Evo Soft Masturbator

ToysHeart Glans Penis Explosion Veritical - Black

ToysHeart Ona Pit Dot Masturbator

ToysHeart A Taciturn Girl Masturbator

ToysHeart Fake Mother's Milk Lubricant - 355ml

ToysHeart Measuring Girl's Growth - Masturbator