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Are you into medical play, or just interesting in seeing what's inside your partner? Many people eroticize about intimate examinations as part of a medical fetish, so why not explore deeper. Browse this amazing medical fetish items and get into new sexual roleplay!
Tenga Men's Loupe
Scala Selection Vagina Speculum
Kink Industries Anal & Rectum Proctoscope
Kink Industries Collins Speculum
Kink Industries Sims Anal Speculum
Kink Industries Stainless Steel Speculum
Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Mental Pinwheel
Kink Industries Anal Hole Spreader
Master Series Spiked 5 Row Pinwheel
Kink Industries Wartenburg Wheel With Sheath
Master Series Odax Sensation Wheel
XFBDSM BDSM Anal Openner - Stainless Steel