BDSM should be accessible to everyone who wants to explore their desires, which is why the STRICT line provides an enormous selection of classic and unique play products at an affordable price! Made of high quality materials and tested to handle serious play, each mischievous, leather-like accessory is crafted with the curious couple and the experienced lifestyler in mind. Attractive and eye-catching packaging makes a bold impression, allowing fantasies to take hold. Don’t let your budget limit your bliss!
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Strict Silicone Bit Gag - Black

Strict Hog-Tie Restraint System - Black

Strict Padded Locking Posture Collar with Leash - Black

Strict Spider Mouth Gag - Black

Strict Interchangeable Silicone Ball Gag Set - Black

Strict Leather Strict Leather 7 Gates of Hell

Strict Silicone Bit Gag + Nipple Clamps - Black

Strict Arm Binder - Black

Strict Eye Mask Harness with Ball Gag - Black

Strict Mouth Spreader

Strict 5 Ring Chastity Device - Black

Strict 7 Piece Bondage Adventure Set - Black

Strict Leather Padded Blindfold - Black

Strict Leather Devil's Tail Slapper - Red

Strict Premium Spandex Hood w Open Mouth - Black

Strict Leather Body Harness w Removable Bra - Black

Strict Head Harness with Ball Gag 1.65″ - Black

Strict Leather Heretics Fork

Strict Leather Premium Leather Strap On Harness Bulk - Black

Strict Leather Head-On Harness - Black

Strict Leather Locking Silicone Bit Trainer Gag - Black

Strict Leather Suede Flogger - Blue

Strict Leather Leather ID Collar Bitch - Black

Strict Leather Leather ID Collar Slut - Black

Strict Leather Face Harness - Black

Strict Leather Fur Lined Blindfold - Purple

Strict Leather Tomcat Nine Tail Whip - Red

Strict Leather Upper Face Mask SM - Black

Strict Leather Four Lash Whip - Black

Strict Leather Zippered Eyeless Hood - Black

Strict Leather Suspension Cuffs w Grip - Black