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If you are allowed to be somebody else for one night, who would that be? Paddles will enable you to add role play into your intimate moment, which is often what you need to spice a relationship and keep the fire burning. Paddles come in different shapes and sizes but are always designed to make a mark on impact.
Check out our popular paddles brands: FriskyStrictSportsheetsMetal TempationChisa
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Liebe Seele Macaron 9pcs Bondage Kit - Mint

Chisa Punish Me 13.4″

NPG Love Cushion Type A - Black

Fetish Submissive Paddle w Stitching - Black

MT Sexy Bondage Set - Black

MT Flower Bondage Set w Hand Bag - Black

Fifty Shades of Grey Bound To You Paddle - Black

Sportsheets Midnight Lace Paddle - Black

Strict Bed Restraint Bondage Kit - Black

CEN Design paddle SCANDAL

Chisa Hot Paddle - Red

Liebe Seele Leather Split Paddle - Wine Red

Fetish Submissive Paddle w Stitching - Red

Strict Leather Paddle w Slots - Black

Master Series Hook Up Plush Bondage Set - Black

Liebe Seele Macaron 9pcs Bondage Kit - Melon

Anonymo Flip-Flops Paddle 37cm - Pink

MT Bat Halloween Bondage Set - Black

Fetish Fantasy Punisher Paddle - Black

Whipsmart Deluxe 3-Piece Impact Play Set - Glow in the dark

Fetish Submissive Paddle w Stitching - Skin

Taboom Touch Paddle - Black

Experience BDSM Fetish Kit - Red

Experience BDSM Fetish Kit - Purple

Liebe Seele The Animal Kit - Black

Shots Ouch Bitch Paddle - Black

Shots Ouch Bad Boy Paddle - Black

Sex&Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle - Black