What has your mistress done wrong again? Maybe it's time to teach her a lesson that she will never forget. A few whips on her naked butt will do the trick. Whips help you to add play to a romantic session. They are made of durable and flexible latex rubber strands. Just know the tolerance level of your partner and don't go overboard.
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MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

Liebe Seele Bound You Bondage Set 12pcs - Black

MT Plain Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Black

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Red

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Pink

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Teaser Kit - Black

MT Lichee Pattern Bondage Set w Fluff - Purple

Fetish Fantasy Lovers Fantasy Kit - Black

Obsessive A754 Chain Whip or Feather - Black

Strict Deluxe Bondage Set 10 pcs - Black

MT 10 Kits Bondage Set w Bag - Black

ToyJoy Amazing Bondage Sex Toy Kit - Black

MT Leather Bondage Set w Bag - Black

Secretplay Bondage Whip - Black

Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Beginner Bondage Set - Black

MT Slave Training Bondage Set 8pcs - Black

Frisky Rubber Strands Hand Whip - Black

MT Restraint Bondage Set - Purple

Fetish Submissive Flogger Vegan Leather - Black

Fetish Fantasy Chains of Love Bondage Kit - Black

Strict 7 Piece Bondage Adventure Set - Black

Fetish Fantasy Tease-N-Please Kit - Black

Liebe Seele Shibari Rope Whip

SM Art Joint 009 Whip - Red

Toyfa Marcus Bondage Mask & Flogger - Black/Purple

Mister B Cat-O-Nine-Tails Rubber Grip - Black

Mister B Leather Whip Wooden Handle - Black

DeeLeeDoo Sonoranwhip Wood Dildo - Walnut

Whipsmart Deluxe 3-Piece Impact Play Set - Glow in the dark