Strap U

Penetrate your desires with a line of dildos, harnesses, and strap-on kits dedicated to couples’ pleasure! Whether you’re on the hunt for a bedroom essential or just experimenting with a partner, Strap U offers an enormous selection of tools and toys that span a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. Clean packaging provides a safe and approachable starting point for excited and curious couples to explore gratification.
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Strap U Fleece Lined Leather Strap-On - Black

Strap U Crave Double Penetration Faux Leather Strap On - Black

Strap U Flamingo Low Rise Strap On - Black

Strap U Bodice Corset Style Strap On Harness - Black

Strap U Expander Inflatable Strap On - Black

Strap U Vibrating Tower of Power Huge Dildo 12.5″ Strap On System

Strap U Royal Rider Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo - Purple

Strap U Power Pegger Silicone Vibrating Double Pleasure Dildo with Harness - Black

Strap U Regal Rider Vibrating Strapless Strap-on Triple G Dildo - Purple

Strap U Tri-Play 3 Piece Dildo Set Silicone - Purple

Strap U Plena II Double Penetration Adjustable Strap On Harness - Pink

Strap U Navigator G-Spot Dildo Silicone with Harness - Purple

Strap U Pegged Pegging Dildo with Harness - Black

Strap U Avalon Jock Style Harness - Black

Strap U Revolver Strapless Strap On Dildo - Blue

Strap U Elevate Silicone Strap On with Dildo - Black

Strap U Flaunt Strap On Harness System with O Rings - Black

Strap U Royal Revolver Vibrating Strapless Strap On Dildo - Purple

Strap U Plena Noir Double Sided Penetration Strap On Harness - Black

Strap U Ripples Silicone Strap On Harness Dildo - Flesh

Strap U Double-G Deluxe Vibrating Strap-On Kit - Purple

Strap U Royal Heart On Silicone Dildo - Purple

Strap U Bardot Garter Belt Style Strap On Harness - Black

Strap U Domina Wide Band Strap On Harness - Black

Strap U Siren Universal Strap On Harness with Rear Support - Black

Strap U Powerhouse Supreme Leather Strap On Harness System - Black

Strap U Sutra Fleece-Lined Strap On with Vibrator Pouch - Black

Strap U Onyx Vibrating G-Spot Dildo - Black