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Surprise happens when your partner can't see what is coming next. The only way you can be sure that they will not cheat is to make use of face masks. These masks come in different designs, and some can totally obscure the vision of the wearer while others work best at muffling their noise. If you have a loud partner that can wake the neighbors, choose the latter.
Check out our popular face masks brand: Master SeriesStrictCalifornia Exotic NoveltiesMe SeduceS&M Essentials
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Strict Premium Spandex Hood w Open Mouth - Black

MT Neoprene Puppy Hood - Black

Master Series FemDom Pegging Kit - Black

Master Series Spike Neoprene Puppy Hood - White

Toynary SM37 Full Cover Hood L - Black

Toynary SM42 Enamel Leather 3 Hole Hood - Black

Toynary SM38 Mouth Cover Hood L - Black

Ouch Subversion Mask Dark - Black

MT Sexy Rabbit Mask - Black

Coquette Mask w Bunny Ears - Black

Coquette Mask w Cat Ears - Black

Mister B Lycra Hood Eyes & Mouth Open - Red

Strict Zip Front Bondage Hood - Black

Master Series Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle - Black

Master Series Muzzled Universal BDSM Hood with Removable Muzzle - Black

Me Seduce Cat Mask 06 - Black

Mister B Rubber Hood w Breathing Bag - Black

Toynary SM37 Full Cover Hood S - Black

Chisa Be My Master Puppy Hood - Black

Toynary SM32 Leather Cat Mask - Black

Master Series Bad Kitten Leather Cat Mask - Black