The Glas collection is a value priced assortment of handmade glass pleasure products for both men and women. The range features 24 best selling styles, each individually hand crafted from body-safe, borosilicate glass. All items are non-porous, easily clean with soap and water, can can be warmed with hot water, or chilled by putting in the freezer.
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Glas Double Bull Black Dildo

Glas Pure indulgence Anal Slider

Glas Orange Tickler Glass Dildo

Glas 4″ Glass Butt Plug

Glas Rain Ribbed Dildo - Purple

Glas Spiral Glass Dildo - Blue

Glas Amethyst Rain Butt Plug

Glas Mr. Swirly Dildo

Glas 6″ Curved G-spot Glass Dildo

Glas Purple G-Spot Tickler

Glas Quintessence Beaded Anal Slider

Glas Joystick Clear Glass Dildo

Glas Titus Beaded Butt Plug

Glas Mr. Swirly 6.5″ G-Spot Glass Dildo

Glas Candy Land Juicer - Plug

Glas G-Spot 7″ Curved Glass Stimulator

Glas 7″ Realistic Head Glass Dildo

Glas 7″ Straight Glass Dildo

Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug

Glas Double Trouble Purple Dildo

Glas Galileo Butt Plug

Glas Callisto Clear Glass Dildo

Glas 3.5″ Glass Butt Plug

Glas Purple Rose Nubby Dildo

Glas 5″ Curved Glass Beaded Dildo

Glas Pacifier Butt Plug

Glas Over Easy Butt Plug

Glas Red Head Double Dildo

Glas Double Trouble Glass Dildo

Glas Honey Dripper Anal Slider