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If you find elongated scrotum attractive, constant use of ball stretchers can make you look like what you desire. It can also serve as a handy foreplay tool if tugging at your balls arouses you. Use it to test the limit of your endurance or to keep your partner under your control. Irrespective of their shape or design, you will always be in charge.
Check out these popular ball stretcher brands: Master SeriesPerfect FitCalifornia Exotic NovelitiesStrictMetal Tempation
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CEN Silicone Ball Spreader - Black

CEN Maximizer Enhancer - Black

Dorcel Fun Bag Testicle Stimulator - Black

CEN Crazy 8 Enhancer - Black

Boners Liquid Silicone Ball Splitter - Grey

Boners Liquid Silicone 2 in 1 Ballstretcher - Grey

Boners Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher - Grey

Pipedream Dual Vibrating Ball Teaser - Grey

Mister B Cock & Ball Sheath w Dots - Black

CEN 3-Snap Scrotum Ring Medium - Black

Chisa Triangle++ Ring - Black

Pipedream Cock Pipe w Ball Stretcher - Black

CEN Steel Beaded Dual Maximizer - Black

Boners Cocksling - Grey

Boners Open Cocksling - Grey

Powering Super Flexible Resistant Ring PR09 - Black

CEN Viceroy Perineum Dual Ring - Blue

Master Series Cock & Ball Crusher Board - Clear

Steel Power Tools Ballstretcher 51 mm - Silver

Boners Liquid Silicone Ball Stretcher - Grey

Boners Liquid Silicone Ball Pouch - Grey

Powering Super Flexible Resistant Ring PR09 - Clear

Boners Cock & Ball Strap S/M - Grey

Master Series Annex Erection Enhancer - Black

CEN Viceroy Max Dual Ring - Blue

Mystim Charming Chuck Electro Penis Belt

Mystim Rodeo Robin Electro Penis Strap - Black

A-One Men's Gear Marvel T-Shaped Ring - Black

Boners Cock & Ball Strap L - Grey

Boners T-Shape Ball Splitter - Grey

Metal Worx Love Ring L

Master Series Tread Tire Cock Ring - Black

Boners Triple Ring - Grey