SSI JAPAN is an established Tokyo manufacturer and distributor of sex products. We take pride in the being able to attach the "Made in Japan" label to our DNA brand products, and we also take great care to live up to the good reputation of Japanese craftsmanship by ensuring all our products conform to high Japanese standards of thoroughness and quality.
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SSI Pink Denma 3

SSI Vibe Bar Peach - 180ml

SSI EneMable EX Type-Y Anal Vibe

SSI Shiro Vibe - Daifuku

SSI Nipple Dome Attachment #3

SSI Araifutou 001 Ice - 180ml

SSI Araifutou 001 Cool - 180ml

SSI Pink Denma - Pink

SSI EneMable EX Type-A Anal Vibe

SSI Vibe Bar Hot - 360 ml

SSI Pink Denma CC2 - Purple

SSI Color Roter CC Strawberry Cake - Pink

SSI 48 Japanese Sex positions Card

SSI Pink Vibe - Siofukimeijin

SSI Pink Vibe - Kuridenmameijin

SSI Kuro Denma - Black

SSI Cyclone X10 Customcup - 3 Attacking Wave

SSI Vibe Bar Hot - 180ml

SSI CC Lotion Sweetia Ice Cream Soda - 180ml

SSI Pink Denma 2 - Pink

SSI Pink Denma CC2 - Pink

SSI Ko-Mon Sama I

SSI Ko-Mon Sama Kakusan Ver

SSI Pink Vibe - Porutiokaihatumeijin

SSI CC Lotion Sweetia Mango Tart - 180ml

SSI Love Vibe Seal - Purple

SSI Nipple Attachment #1

SSI Love Vibe Squirrel - Orange

SSI Vibe Bar Cool Mint - 180ml

SSI Araifutou 001 Heat - 180ml

SSI Vibe Bar Nettori - 180ml

SSI Color Rotor Vibebar Edition - Big - Blue

SSI Kuro Denma 2 - Black

SSI Color Roter CC Bluebelly Parfait - Purple

SSI Pink Denma CC2 - Orange

SSI Pink Denma CC2 - Blue