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Secret Play is all about naughty, sensual fun. This sexy collection invites lovers to play solo or together, exploring their boundaries in a playful, non-intimidating way. From tantalizing erotic games to kinky bondage kits: Secret Play has got all your arousing desires covered. The chic collection even boats a quality line-up of intimate care formulas, including kissable lubricants, stimulating oral lip balms, and luxurious fragrant body lotions that will leave the skin silky smooth and delicately scented. Discover what really turns you on, and explore what truly satisfies you, with the must-have Secret Play collection.
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Secret Play Liquid Vibrator Unisex - 15ml

Secret Play Liquid Vibrator Strong - 15ml

Secret Play Scratch & Sex Straight Game

Secret Play Scratch & Sex Gay Game

Secret Play Lip Gloss Vibrant Kiss Strawberry - 6g

Secret Play Liquid Vibrator Fresh - 15ml

Secret Play Liquid Vibrator Hot - 15ml

Secretplay Bondage Handcuffs - Black

Secretplay Bondage Rope 10m - Black

Secretplay Bondage Whip - Black

Secret Play Lip Gloss Vibrant Kiss Mint - 6g

Secret Play Lip Gloss Vibrant Kiss Brownie - 6g

Secret Play Lip Gloss Vibrant Kiss Cola - 6g

Secret Play Scratch & Sex Lesbian Game

Secret Play Marabou Handcuffs - Pink

Secret Play 30 Days Romantic Challenges

Secret Play 30 Days Foreplay Challenges

Secret Play Sensual Feelings Kit - Pink

Secret Play Sex On The Beach Travel Kit

Secret Play Sex In The City Travel Kit

Secret Play Chronomasutra Play

Secret Play Marabou Handcuffs - Purple

Secret Play Marabou Handcuffs - Blue