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They say what a man can do a woman can do better - but it’s probably the opposite. Penis plugs are ribbed cylindrical rods designed to be inserted into your penis, thereby opening you up into a new type of sensation.
Exotic brands come with rings to maintain the turgidity of your erection. Perhaps, it’s the perfect pick when you want to feel dominated.
Check out these popular penis plug brands: Master SeriesMetal TempationSteel Power ToolsXFBDSM
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Sinner Gear Silicone Penis Plug w Pull Ring - Black

Sinner Gear Dilator Set 4 pcs - Silver

MT Urethral Sound with Penis Ring 110mm

Kink Industries Single Rosebud Sound S - Silver

Sinner Gear Ribbed Silicone Dilator - Black

Trinity Vibes Vibro Head Teaser w Urethral Sound - Black

Steel Power Tools Dip Stick Ribbed 8 mm

Sinner Gear Smooth Silicone Penis Plug - Black

Sinner Gear Silicone Dilator Set Medium - Black

Mister B Hardware Sperm Stopper Classic - Silver

Toynary SM31 Urethral Vibrator - Black

MT Urethral Plug - Silver

Lovetoy Silicone Vibrating Urethral Dilator - Black

MT Penis Plug 8mm - Silver

Master Series 7X Dark Chain Urethral Sound - Black

Black&Red Urethral Silicone Plug w Ring - Black

MT Anal Rope Hook with 3 Balls

Mister B Hardware Penis Plug Hollow Wave - Silver

MT Urethral Plug - Silver

Black&Red Urethral Silicone Plug w Ring - Red

Mister B Fucktools Cock Nails - Black

MT Penis Plug 6mm - Silver

You2Toys Silicone Dilator Set 3pcs - Blue

MT Threaded Urethral Plug L - Black

MT Spiral Urethral Rod - Gold

Mister B Fucktools Dick Screws - Black

Mister B Hardware Sounds Demon - Silver

Master Series D-Ring Penis Plug - Black

Black&Red Urethral Silicone Plug - Black

Black&Red Urethral Silicone Plug - Red

MT Threaded Urethral Plug M - Black