Lylou: Breathtaking flirt factor! Over-brimming with seductive eroticism, this glamorous lifestyle line of cosmetics will enchant the modern self-confident woman. Bringing a touch of delicate indulgence, this line is a homage to your inner diva. Lylou cosmetics products are sensual, feminine and sexy. Luxurious, natural care ingredients guarantee quality. All products in this line are kind to the skin and subject to stringent quality controls.
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Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream Cherry - 7ml

Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream Orange Lime - 7ml

Lylou Cream of Desire Cooling - 15ml

Lylou Cream of Desire Warming - 15ml

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Tangerine Lime - 125ml

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Choco Chili - 125ml

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Coco Vanilla - 125ml

Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream Choco Cinnamon - 7ml

Lylou Body Glamour Spray - 50ml

Lylou Lubricant Water Based - 125ml

Lylou Lubricant Silicone Based - 125ml

Lylou Kissable Massage Gel Strawberry - 125ml

Lylou Massage Oil Milano - 125ml

Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream Mint - 7ml

Lylou Massage Candle Set Fire & Water - 50ml

Lylou Massage Oil Tokyo - 125ml

Lylou Massage Oil Cairo - 125ml

Lylou Sparkling Glamour Lotion - 200ml