Le Wand is a premium brand of personal vibrating massagers and accessories designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies. Created by certified sex expert Alicia Sinclair, Le Wand embraces and empowers intimacy for all with a powerful versatile pleasure tool that’s long been women’s go-to for orgasms.
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Le Wand Grand Bullet - Rose Gold

Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Vibrating Massager - Violet

Le Wand All The Glimmers Set - Pink

Le Wand Deux Massager - Black

Le Wand Feel My Power Massager 2021 Edition

Le Wand Grand Bullet - Black

Le Wand Bow Steel Wand

Le Wand Baton Vibrator - Rose Gold

Le Wand Point Vibrator - Black

Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs - Black Obsidian

Le Wand Baton - Cherry

Le Wand Gee - Black

Le Wand Gee - Cherry

Le Wand Gee - Rose Gold

Le Wand Xo - Black

Le Wand Xo - Cherry

Le Wand Xo - Rose Gold

Le Wand Blend - Black

Le Wand Blend - Cherry

Le Wand Blend - Rose Gold