Hosed was created for those who have been searching for long and satisfying dongs to fulfill their needs. Dildos so long, they are best referred to as “hoses”. Discover how much you can take, each hose with a thrilling texture. Suction to your shower or wall and let the flexible material curve with your body as you explore your deepest regions.
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Hosed 2" Swirl Hose - 18" Long - Black
Hosed 19" Ribbed Hose - Black
Hosed 19" Swirl Hose - Black
Hosed 19" Spiral Hose - Balck
Hosed 19" Graduated Beaded Hose - Black
Hosed 19" Realistic Hose - Black
Hosed 1.5" Beaded Hose -19" Long - Black
Hosed 2" Beaded Hose - 19" Long - Black
Hosed 1" Swirl Hose - 18" Long - Black