Wonder Life

WONDER LIFE condoms have been selling in Hong Kong market since 1994. In the year of 2002, WONDER LIFE condoms establish its businesses in the main chain stores in Hong Kong. With mass advertising campaign and introduction of various flavors and selection of condoms, WONDER LIFE condoms brought a spark to its customers in very short period of time. Hong Kong, Macau and China market are currently the core of WONDER LIFE condoms businesses and its continue to work hard to grow into a World Wide condom brand. WONDER LIFE is the only condom brand that is listed as certificated by the Hong Kong Safety Institute and is it international quality certified with ISO4074. According to the 2005 AC Nelson report, the top three condom brands are, Durex, Okamoto, and Wonder Life. WONDER LIFE establishes its own culture as having young, energetic and various selections brand products image with colorful packaging of flavored condoms. WONDER LIFE currently has the most selections of flavor condoms in Hong Kong China stores (2). In 2013, WONDER LIFE start promoting its new 003 series condoms and also developed new series of WONDER LIFE “Buddy” to target the youth market and continue to educate the young generation the important of using condoms. We hope by using cartoons design, it will bring out the message of having fun and being safe at the same time.
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Wonder Life Tempting Fruit Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life 003 Real Fit 10's Pack

Wonder Life Orange Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life Strawberry Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life Enchanting Drink Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life 003 Super Smooth Ultra Thin 10's Pack

Wonder Life 003 Titanium 10's Pack

Wonder Life Fruit Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life Flower Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life Health Fruit Flavor 12's Pack

Wonder Life Strawberry Flavor 6's Pack Oral Condom