Viamax AB was founded in 2001. It is an innovative Swedish company, operating in the health and well-being sector. Their focus is to develop natural health products in the fields of sexual health, desire and beauty. They combine natural herbs, tried and trusted for thousands of years, to create a new, modern range of dietary supplements and gels with no synthetic additives.
Viamax Maximum Gel 50 ml
Viamax Tight Gel 50 ml
Viamax Tight Gel 15 ml
Viamax Warm Cream 50 ml
Viamax Sensitive Gel 15 ml
Viamax Sensitive Gel 50 ml
Viamax Warm Cream 15 ml
Viamax Organic Glide 70 ml
Viamax Water Glide 70 ml
Viamax Silicon Glide 70 ml