This gifts and games collection is aimed at attention, love and eroticism between lovers. Tease & Please believes that openness in contact brings relationships out of the everyday routine and therefore enriches life. Since 2005, Tease & Please has been developing, producing and selling games that focus on contact, friendship, love and eroticism. These games inspire people to become acquainted and open with each other in a playful manner.
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Tease&Please Discover Your Lover Travel Edition
Tease&Please Sexpert
Tease&Please Openhearted Sex Talk
Tease&Please Discover Your Lover Special Edition
Tease & Please Sex Talk Volume 1 NL
Tease&Please XXXME Pleaseme Time to Play, Time to Please
Tease&Please Master & Slave Bondage Game - Purple
Tease&Please Love Dice Kama Sutra - Black / Pink
Tease&Please Discover Your Lover 100% Kinky
Tease&Please Kama Sutra Heart & Corazon
Tease&Please Discover Your Lover
Tease&Please XXXME FuckMe Time to Play, Time to Fuck
Tease & Please Dice KamaSutra