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Swede was founded in 2005 as a lubricant and massage oil company.

Swede Global is highly devoted to developing and manufacturing high quality items within the area of love. They especially take pride and joy in working with modern Scandinavian design which lies very close to their hearts.

Swede Global pays a lot of attention to their cosmetic formulas. Safety for the consumer has got the highest priority and they always seek to use natural ingredients in safe combinations. They exclude all ingredients which might cause any kind of problems to the consumer. Also their flavours are natural instead of synthetic and they use expensive pure essential oils instead of perfumes.
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Swede Woman Sensitive AnalEase Lube - 60ml

Swede Original Lube Aqua Comfort - 60ml

Swede Aqua Comfort Anal Lube - 60ml

Swede Warming Massage Lotion Tropical Fruity & Honey - 60ml

Swede Original Lube Woman Sensitive - 60ml

Swede Warming Massage Lotion Black Currant & Lime - 60ml

Swede Warming Massage Lotion Dark Chocolate - 60ml

Swede Fruity Lube Grapefruit & Mango - 50ml

Swede Fruity Lube Black Currant & Lime - 50ml

Swede Fruity Lube Vanilla & Gold Pear - 50ml

Swede Fruity Lube Tropical Fruit & Honey - 50ml

Swede Fruity Lube Dark Chocolate - 50ml