Spencer and Fleetwood Ltd have been creating and selling fun, edible and novelty gifts since 1986, developing many products across both Mainstream and Adult markets. Spencer and Fleetwood use only top ingredients (products truly are delicious) and quality materials from experienced suppliers to produce wonderful gifts and have won numerous awards for financial management, export achievement and design - including the Giftware Association’s Gift of the Year award. Spencer and Fleetwood supply to trade only customers and distribute to a wide range of accounts, small and large throughout the UK and across the world, as well as working with overseas distribution partners and resellers of their products enjoy attractive profit margins and excellent sell-throughs.
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Spencer&Fleetwood Lovers Candy Posing Pouch
Spencer&Fleetwood After Dinner Willies
Spencer&Fleetwood Candy G-String
Spencer&Fleetwood Dick On A Stick
Spencer&Fleetwood Lovers Candy G-String
Spencer&Fleetwood Candy Love Rings
Spencer&Fleetwood Glow in the Dark Love Rings
Spencer&Fleetwood Lovers Candy Bra
Spencer&Fleetwood I Love Sex Heat Change Mug
Spencer&Fleetwood Succulent Willie Lollipop
Spencer&Fleetwood Gummy Love Rings
Spencer&Fleetwood Jelly Willies
Spencer&Fleetwood Honk If You're Horny
Spencer&Fleetwood Rude Shaped Egg Fryer Willie
Spencer&Fleetwood After Dinner Nipples
Spencer&Fleetwood Cola Willies
Spencer&Fleetwood Jelly Boobs