Rends which stands for ( Reality , Extravagant ,Neat , Dream , Satisfaction) has been established in order to create high quality products that are planned and developed in Japan. We are the development manufacturer that started from the biggest retailer of Adult toys with considerable experiences in Japan.And therefore development concepts are all based on our experience and accurate judge such as learning what customers want or knowing the elements of what need to be improved.
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Rends Tokyo Dome Masturbator
Rends Real Sisters Hikaru Masturbator
Rends NLS Inight Love Story School Like Miyuki Masturbator
Rends Real Sisters Shinomiya Masturbator
Rends Predator Wand R1* - Dark Purple
Rends Legendary Handjob Lotion
Rends A10 Vorze Cyclone SA
Rends Onaho Hole USB Warmer
Rends Bunny Beads
Rends Peace's Waterbased Lube 360ml
Rends 100 shots!! Bukkake Sperm Lotion - 255g
Rends Virtual Girl with Bullet & Moan Sound
Rends Pistol Condom Case - White
Rends Disposable Water proof Bed Sheet 2pcs
Rends Lovely Girl's Drool Lube - 120ml
Rends MUSH Triple
Rends A10 Cyclone SA Original Masturbator Crystal
Rends A10 Cyclone & R1 Controller - S/M
Rends Cunnilax
Rends A10 Cyclone SA Original Masturbator Medusa
Rends Fluffy SM Multi Cuffs
Rends 1.6kg Real Titties
Rends F Peni Ring M
Rends A10 Inner Cup - Medusa Head
Rends R-1 Cat Garter - SM
Rends MilQueen Boobs 2000g
Rends Milky Prague Petit
Rends Squishy Sister
Rends L'Embellir Accessory - Luciole Vibro
Rends Mascot Plug Leaf
Rends Bath Slime Yuzu Orange 360ml
Rends A10 Inner Cup - Crystal