In the 1970s, in order to eliminate the rough skin caused by soap bubbles, which was a source of trouble for women working in soaplands, with improvements to the lubricant originally developed for rehabilitation massage, "RUB MASSAGE JELLY", the prototype of Pepee, was born. Lotion Play spread throughout the country as a lubricant that can be used with peace of mind.
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Pepee Punitori Aru Dildo 9cm - Pink

Pepee Punitori Aru Dildo 9cm - Blue

Pepee Camera Linear Piston Vibe 90 - Black

Pepee Just Right Coricori Masturbator

Pepee Punitto Real Large Dildo 3kg

Pepee Pero-Chupa Cunni Rotor - Black

Pepee Punnito Hard Double Ring - Black