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Pleasure product manufacturer OVO Lifestyle Toys™ first introduced their lineup at the 2012 eroFame show. Attendees couldn’t miss OVO’s gleaming white display area and extensive signage throughout the hall. Originally based in Berlin, OVO didn’t go very far from home for its first show. The manufacturer then headed to Paris in early 2013, offering buyers a second look at their selection during the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. All products have either won or received honorable mention at recent Red Dot international design awards – a recognition previously achieved by major, mainstream manufacturers like Dyson and Mercedes Benz.
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Ovo K1 Rabbit Vibrator - Pink

Ovo F9 Vibe - Purple

Ovo D1 Mini Vibe - Violet

Ovo B8 Vibrating Ring - Lilac

Ovo K1 Rabbit Vibrator - White

Ovo Rabbit Vibrator K4 - White

Ovo B5 Vibro Ring - White

Ovo B8 Vibrating Ring - White

Ovo B4 Vibro Ring - Blue

Ovo D4 Mini Vibe - White

Ovo D4 Mini Vibe - Rose

Ovo B11 Vibro Ring - Red

Ovo B2 Vibro Ring - Red

Ovo B2 Vibro Ring - White

Ovo B10 Vibro Ring - White

Ovo B12 Vibro Ring - Blue

Ovo B4 Vibro Ring - Grey

Ovo B12 Vibro Ring - White

Ovo B9 Vibro Ring - Blue

Ovo B6 Vibro Ring - White

Ovo B9 Vibro Ring - Black

Ovo B9 Vibro Ring - Grey