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The MYTHOLOGY brand are objects that serve both for self-stimulation (masturbation), as well as to intensify pleasure with the partner. It is little known that sex toys not only serve to increase enjoyment in our sexuality, but also help improve and resolve sexual dysfunctions. On the other hand, they have more uses than we think and it does not have to be used as a replacement for something, but rather it can complement what we already know how to use.
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Mythology Duman Mystic Dildo S - Black

Mythology Dion Galactic Dildo S - Purple

Mythology Rune Royal Dildo M - Brown

Mythology Rune Majestic Dildo S - Grey

Mythology Kuno Utopia Dildo M - Pink

Mythology Kuno Utopia Dildo S - Pink

Mythology Duman Mystic Dildo L - Black

Mythology Fantasy Harness - Iridescent - S/M

Mythology Fantasy Harness - Iridescent - L/XL