Everyone can experience the well-being provided by lubricants. The use of MIXGLISS will permit you to rediscover your partner. Its unique olfactory and tactile properties are amazing. Its wide range of flavours and textures rhymes with an infinity of sensations! Made in France, the worldwide cradle of perfumes, MIXGLISS marries the special know- how of a laboratory with original fragrances. For your very own pleasure!
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Mixgliss Silicone Sun Lube&Massage - 50ml

Mixgliss Fresh Water-Based Lube Pepper Mint - 70ml

Mixgliss Natural Water-Based Lube - 70ml

Mixgliss Hot Water-Based Lube Cinnamon - 70ml

Mixgliss Natural Water-Based Lube - 150ml

Mixgliss Fluid Intimate Silicone Lube - 50ml

Mixgliss Kiss Water-Based Lube Wild Strawberry - 70ml

Mixgliss Silicone Tonic Lube&Massage - 50ml

Mixgliss Silicone Fatal Lube&Massage - 50ml

Mixgliss Silicone Silk Lube&Massage - 50ml

Mixgliss Sweet Water-Based Lube Bubble Gum - 70ml

Mixgliss Max Unscented Water-Based Lube - 70ml