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For those who search for a more immense insertion, a more substantial stretch, and a bigger BANG… Master Cock! Designed for the bold and advanced who crave an extreme penetrative experience, this line of over-sized dongs will test boundaries and push limits in search of the next level of pleasure! Master Cock’s HUGE assortment of toys includes enormous erections and uniquely shaped dildos in packaging that lets the product speak for itself.
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Master Cock The Screw Giant 12.5? Dildo - Black

Master Cock Long Logan 10" Dildo w Balls - Flesh

Master Cock The Annihilator XXXL 18″ Dildo - Flesh

Master Cock Double Stuffer 10" Dildo - Flesh

Master Cock Mighty Screw 9.5? Dildo - Black

Master Cock Suction Cup Dildo - Black

Master Cock Four Stage Rocket 12? Dildo - Flesh