In your everyday routine, taking matters into your own hands not only enriches your life, but helps you to stay healthy and reduce stress. If you’ re ready to take your pleasure to the next level, you’ ll want to try an insert. Why? Because inserts used for solo-play are designed specifically to enhance your experience. kuudöm is an ideal and sophisticated design ‒ made of the best quality material ‒ that you can easily incorporate into your private time. The revolutionary new material used for kuudöm is soft, smooth, and comfortable, and the design of the kuudöm insert is unparalleled due to its effective use of texture. In order to make the most of your “you time,” and to enrich your daily life, your choice of insert is the perfect way to express your great sense of style! It’ s hard to find genuine and authentic quality everywhere. kuudöm will revolutionize men’s self-care.
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Kuudom Gurumin Colors - Twilight Purple

Kuudom Gurumin Colors - San Orange

Kuudom Trail Rook Pocket Masturbator

Kuudom Gurumin Colors - Ocean Blue

Kuudom Gurumin Colors - Cosmic Black

Kuudom Gurumin Colors - Grass Green

Kuudom Gurumin Colors - Hibiscus Pink