Iroha, as part of the Tenga Group, brings a unique Japanese aesthetic to the world of sex toys. Known for their Mini Massagers, Iroha offers compact yet powerful devices for on-the-go pleasure. The brand's Straight Vibrators provide targeted stimulation, while Manual Massagers offer a more hands-on approach to relaxation. Iroha Pulsating Vibrators deliver a variety of pulsing patterns for a rhythmic experience. Choose your perfect vibrator with Iroha's wide selection.
You can buy Iroha online in following categories: Mini Massagers, Straight Vibrators, Manual Massagers, Pulsating Vibrators, Gifts for Her.
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Iroha Plus Kushinezumi Massager

Iroha Plus Yorukujira Massager - Black

Iroha Hinasakura Massager - Pink

Iroha Hana-Temari Massager

Iroha Hanamidori Massager - Green

Iroha Mizu-Temari Massager

Iroha Plus Yorukujira Massager - Nadeshiko Pink