Huahao Toys

Hua Hao Toys Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing Halloween items, carnival and party items, sticky toys, plastic toys, and uncatchable water snakes.
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HHT Party Booby Bottle Cork

HHT Party Pecker Bottle Cork

HHT Party Boobs Award Ribbon

HHT Naughty Pecker Bear Key Charm

HHT Jumping Pussy

HHT Dicky Sipper Sports Bottle

HHT Glowing Dicky Devil Horns Hairband

HHT Pussy Key Chain

HHT Party Pecker Hairband

HHT Pecker Pen

HHT Fur Handcuffs

HHT Naughty Pecker Monkey Key Charm

HHT Pecker Candle

HHT Pecker 6 Candles