The history of Gvibe (ex. FT London and Fun Toys) as a company goes back into the time when the parents of Gvibe creator Jack Romanski, launched their first sex-shop. Jack appears to work in the adult products’ industry since 15 as after school he helped his parents to advertise their business distributing leaflets in the streets. His innovation was to invent a manual massager with two flexible tips, that would spread apart once inside the vagina to create a sensation of fullness without actually stretching the labia.
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Gvibe Gplug Small - Neon Rose

Gvibe Geisha Balls 2 - Pink

Gvibe Gplug Small - Navy Blue

Gvibe G-Egg Masturbator - Black

Gvibe Gplug XS - Sunny Raspberry

Gvibe Gplug Large - Ocean Blue

Gvibe Gjack2 - Tiffany Mint

Gvibe Gcandy - Raspberry

Gvibe Gjack2 - Black

Gvibe GBalls 2 App - Petal Rose

Gvibe USB Magnetic Cord

Gvibe Greal Mini - Flesh

Gvibe Greal 2 - Violet

Gvibe Grabbit Mini - Dolce Violet

Gvibe Gvibe Mini - Royal Blue

Gvibe Gplug Large - Neon Rose

Gvibe Gplug Bioskin - Sweet Raspberry

Gvibe Gplug Large - Navy Blue

Gvibe Gjack2 - Cotton Candy

Gvibe Gjay Vibrator - Neon Rose

Gvibe Gvibe Mini - Candy Pink

Gvibe Gballs 3 App Controlled - Petal Rose

Gvibe Gvibe Mini - Tiffany Mint

Gvibe Gring - Neon Rose

Gvibe Gvibe 2 - Blue Lagoon

Gvibe Geisha Balls - Magnetic

Gvibe Gring XL - Raspberry

Gvibe Gpop2 - Indigo Blue

Gvibe G-Egg Masturbator - Blue

Gvibe Gcup - Mystic Noir

Gvibe Greal Mini - Fuchsia

Gvibe Gjack Mini - Sweet Raspberry

Gvibe Gvibe Mini - Gold

Gvibe Grabbit - Candy Pink

Gvibe Gvibe3 - Candy Pink