“GENMU” is creative products and a realization of mens fantasies!! GENMU is neither a kind of Tenga nor a type of Fleshlight! GENMU is made by the concept of getting from the best of them and also at the reasonable price. GENMU is not even in the single-use type of Ona-Cup like most of Tenga products. GENMU’s appearance is though like Cup style itself, while GENMU really is the multiple use type like Ona-Hole! So we proudly call this new category of mens masturbation tool. GENMU is made by the concepts which are highly creative and a enables to realize of mens fantasies!
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Genmu Oral Air
Genmu Missy Touch Ver 3.0 - Violet
Genmu Pixy Touch Ver 3.0 - Green
Genmu Oral Air Attachment
Genmu Jr. Pinky Type - Orange
Genmu Pinky Touch Ver 3.0 - Orange
Genmu Fleshy Touch Ver 3.0 - Blue
Genmu Citrulline Gel - 120ml
Genmu Warming Gel - 120ml
Genmu Jr. Missy Type - Violet
Genmu Cozy Touch Ver 3.0 - Pink
Genmu Jr. Pixy Type - Green
Genmu G's Pot Passion Moderate Cup - Red
Genmu Damiana Gel - 120ml
Genmu Protect Gel - 120ml
Genmu Be-Max Type-M Masturbator
Genmu G-Square Capsule Masturbator - Green
Genmu G's Pot Passion Elastic Cup - Purple
Genmu G-Screw Capsule Masturbator - Orange
Genmu G-Wave Capsule Masturbator - Purple
Genmu Weapon Rocket
Genmu Spiral Touch Cup - Gray
Genmu Weapon H-Bomb
Genmu Weapon Sure-Fire
Genmu Weapon C4
Genmu G's Pot Mellow Moderate Cup - Yellow
Genmu Pure Touch Cup - White
Genmu Weapon Torpede
Genmu G-Maze Capsule Masturbator - Pink
Genmu G-Ring Capsule Masturbator - Blue
Genmu Cozy Touch Cup - Pink
Genmu Missy Touch Cup - Violet
Genmu Fleshy Touch Cup - Blue
Genmu Pinky Touch Cup - Orange
Genmu Power Piston
Genmu Power Piston - Gold