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A great orgasm is always around the corner! FPPR masturbators can easily be taken anywhere. FPPR masturbators are a smaller and therefore less clumsy than comparable male toys. Due to their compact size, they easily fit any bag.
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FPPR Anus Masturbator - White

FPPR Vagina Masturbator - Mocha

FPPR Masturbator Renewing Powder - 150g

FPPR Fap One-Time Ribbed Masturbator

FPPR Anus Masturbator - Mocha

FPPR Mouth Masturbator - Flesh

FPPR Anus Masturbator - Flesh

FPPR Fap One-Time Circles Masturbator

FPPR Vagina Masturbator - White

FPPR Mouth Masturbator - Mocha

FPPR Mouth Masturbator - White

FPPR Fap One-Time Dotted Masturbator