Doc Johnson

Since 1976, we’ve manufactured millions of innovative pleasure products and set the industry standard worldwide. While other companies have continued to take their production overseas, we’ve dug our roots deeper and committed to remaining in California as a leader of our industry. The Doc Johnson legacy is the loyalty and name recognition we’ve built over nearly forty years of American manufacturing. We continue to grow our company and meet the demands of an ever-growing global market of savvy customers. The future of pleasure products is American-made, by Doc Johnson.
Doc Johnson Spot-On - G-Spot Stimulating Gel For Women - Aqua/Silver
Doc Johnson Spencer Expandable Stroker
Doc Johnson Strappy Curved Cock 6" X 1-1/2"
Doc Johnson Reverse - Tightening Gel For Women - Fuchsia/Silver
Doc Johnson Strappy - 7 Inch Strappy Corkscrew - White
Doc Johnson Strappy Cock Extensions - 7.5" Strappy Cock
Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles - 3 Pack Multi-Colored
Doc Johnson JD Black & Blue - Blow Job Helper
Doc Johnson Strappy - Penis Hard-On - 7 Inch - White
Doc Johnson Strappy - Curved Cock - 7 Inch - White
Doc Johnson Strappy - 8 Inch Strappy Invader White
Doc Johnson Strappy - Ballsy Pecker - 7 Inch - White
Doc Johnson Double Header Smooth Dong
Doc Johnson Kink Cock Jock C Ring 38mm - Black