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The Clone-a-Willy Kit is created after requests from Hollywood. They needed realistic replicas from several body parts. The kits were such a big hit on set, so they decided to create a retail version. They provide a simple, safe, all-inclusive method for creating an exact rubber duplicate of any penis. The quality is amazing, down to the most intricate detail, and the process can be done entirely within the home and without the need for complicated mixing or heating. The products have become a key product for many adult industry retailers, and sales are into the multiple millions worldwide.
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Clone A Willy Kit Medium Tone Dildo - Skin

Clone A Willy Kit Light Tone Dildo - Skin

Clone A Willy Clone A Pussy Kit - Hot Pink

Clone A Willy Kit Including Balls - Nude

Clone A Willy Kit Glow-in-the-Dark Dildo - Green