BUTTR is specially designed for men with needs and takes backdoor-play to the next level. This bold, testosterone increasing brand with a military look and feel offers a collection of fisting toys and comes with a special fisting cream, gel, and butter for anal penetration Each product from the BUTTR collection provides an unforgettable experience that requires dedication and perseverance.
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BUTTR Gleaming Jack Anal Douche - Black

BUTTR Fist Corps Dildo - Black

BUTTR Gauntlets Fisting Gloves - Black

BUTTR Butt Kickers Plugs Set - Black

BUTTR Double Trouble Fisting Dildo - Black

BUTTR Heavy Duty Butt Plug - Black

BUTTR Tactical I Dildo - Black

BUTTR Hook Anchor Plug No.10 - Black

BUTTR 10 Pounder Dildo - Black

BUTTR Yellow Dog Butt Plug - Black